Brits spend '£340 a year on takeaways'

Brits spend £340 a year on takeaways
Brits spend £340 a year on takeaways

Curry-loving Britons could find themselves spending more than £300 a year enjoying their favourite takeaways, research suggests.

Research for Nationwide Building Society found that consumers enjoy an average of three takeaways a month, with people spending £9.41 each time they have a curry.

Based on these average figures, people could find themselves spending nearly £340 a year if they have a curry each time they fancy a takeaway.

The research, released to mark National Curry Week, also found that seven in 10 (70%) men said they cannot last more than two weeks without a takeaway, compared with 42% of women.

The survey also showed that people will typically spend £9 on a Chinese takeaway, £8.71 on a pizza, £6.21 on a kebab and £5.51 on fish and chips.

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