Why did Burger King pay for this couple's wedding?

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Burger King Throws Themed Wedding for Mr. Burger and Miss King
Burger King Throws Themed Wedding for Mr. Burger and Miss King

The Burger-King Wedding In Jacksonville, IL
The Burger-King Wedding In Jacksonville, IL

A couple in New Berlin, Illinois, has had their wedding paid for by Burger King. The event was themed by the hamburger chain, so the wedding party had photos wearing the Burger King Crown, and the groomsmen wore Burger King T-shirts under their smart suits. They also had burger-themed accessories - all for free.

The reason for the unusual deal lay in the last names of the couple - Ashley King and Joel Burger. A local newspaper featured their engagement announcement, so the company tracked them down through social media. They offered them some Burger King goodies for the wedding, and then stunned the couple by revealing that they would pay for the entire event.

Surprisingly, as the footage and photos show, the event was a very tasteful affair. Aside from a few colourful photos, the outfits were elegant and the venue expensive - so they weren't forced to tuck into a burger and fries at their local branch of Burger King. They weren't encouraged to double-barrel their name either - so they will be known as Mr and Mrs Burger.
Wedding generosity

It's was a brilliant surprise for the couple, and it's not the first time a company has offered a free wedding to a couple they thought were particularly deserving.

In March this year we reported on Rebecca Wooller and Blake Green who were married in their local Morrisons in Cambourne - in the Easter Egg aisle. The company paid for all the food for their 30 guests in the store cafe, and planned the whole event (although they had to be married in a registry office first). The couple had met in the Morrisons cafe, and hatched a romantic plan to hold their wedding there.

In 2010 Asda held a competition for a couple to get married in their local Asda branch. The winners were Andrea Birchall and David Culverwell, who had been putting off getting married because of the expense. They were married in the George clothing department - with bridesmaids in dresses from the shop. The store then paid for a full reception, and £2,000 towards the honeymoon.

Even when the company in question isn't footing the bill, some couples are still keen to share their big day with a big brand - at a tiny cost. In 2013 a couple from Bristol held their wedding reception in a local branch of McDonalds, to celebrate their many burger bar dates over the years. They arrived by stretch limo, and toasted each other with strawberry milkshake. They were given a roped-off area for their party for 33 people - which cost just £150, and the manager threw in a bottle of bubbly for them to take home.

But what do you think? Would you do it? Let us know in the comments.

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