Restaurant offers $10,000 in food if you call your baby Quinoa

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The word 'quinoa' written by finger in some quinoa sprinkled over a kitchen's wooden worktop.
The word 'quinoa' written by finger in some quinoa sprinkled over a kitchen's wooden worktop.
Would You Name Your Baby 'Quinoa' For $10,000?
Would You Name Your Baby 'Quinoa' For $10,000?

If celebrities can pick names like Apple (Gwyneth Paltrow's first child), Honey (daughter of Jack Nicholson) or Diva Muffin (daughter of Frank Zappa), then why not name your baby something striking like Quinoa? Before you make your mind up, it's worth pointing out that one restaurant will give you $10,000 of free food if you do.

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse is launching new dishes featuring quinoa (a grain that chefs use in much the same way that they previously used couscous). To gain some extra publicity, they decided that to 'celebrate' they will give away $10,000 of food to anyone who can prove they have opted for this unusual name for their offspring.

The competition runs until September 7, so if you're due to give birth, it might provide some food for thought.
Would you?

There seems like a reasonable chance that someone will win this cash. After-all earlier this year a French court had to step in to stop a couple naming their child Nutella.

And there's nothing new about naming your child after food. We don't think twice about naming a child Rosemary or Basil. In recent years there was even a spate of Chardonnays.

Experts point out that the tradition of naming children after everyday items is perhaps the oldest of all. It wasn't until the advent of Christianity, when people started naming their children after people in the Bible, that we adopted the tradition of naming our children after other people.

And the 'everyday item' trend comes round regularly - including an explosion in the popularity of naming children after flowers in the Victorian era.

It seems, therefore, not a question of whether anyone will plump for a name that earns them $10,000 in ribs and chicken wings - and of course the odd bowl of Quinoa - but a question of when.

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French Parents Are Not Allowed To Name Child 'Nutella'
French Parents Are Not Allowed To Name Child 'Nutella'
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