Tesco tablet costing £99 beats £319 Apple in speed test

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New iPad launch event - Germany
New iPad launch event - Germany

Apple may be the coolest brand for gadget-lovers, who are happy to splash out for the sleek design and cutting edge technology in the latest tablets. However, a new test has shown that when it comes to speed, those who buy an Apple iPad mini 3 may not be getting more for their money.

The study by Which? put the Apple iPad mini 3 up against Tesco's Hudl2, which it described as its nearest equivalent. It used Geekbench software to test how each completed simulations of things like downloading apps and running a number of programmes at the same time.
The results

The Tesco tablet costs less than a third of the cooler brand, but it came out on top in a speed test. In fact of the ten big-selling tablets the organisation tested, the Apple iPad mini 3 was the slowest.

The fastest of all was the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which was also the most expensive at an impressive £639. In second place was the iPad Air 2, which costs from £399. The Google Nexus 9 was in third place (£318) and the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (£329).

Which? highlighted that speed is a key attribute of any tablet. Editor Richard Headland said: "Nowadays we expect everything in a swipe or a click of the button, so understanding how quickly a tablet is able to process information is important to buyers."

Is Apple worth it?

Some commentators have used the results to argue that Apple may not be offering the best value for money, and that people might get more out of a cheaper tablet: but this isn't entirely fair.

Which? itself runs regular tests on tablets, and considers a host of things from the responsiveness of the touchscreen to the battery life, the user-friendliness, and the weight.

Other buyers are interested in the compatibility of all their gadgets, the design, and the branding, all of which need to come into consideration when you are choosing a gadget.

Each buyer is likely to assess the product based on their own priorities. If they are entirely focused on speed, this study is likely to offer food for thought. Otherwise, it'll take more than this to shift the brand loyalty of the average gadget fan.

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