Boost battery life by 800% for just £1.60

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An incredible new gadget claims to increase the life of any disposable battery by 800%. It's going on sale later this year for just £1.60, and it could save us a fortune in batteries.

The gadget is called a Batteriser, and according to The Metro, it fits around ordinary batteries like a metal sleeve. It kicks in when the battery gets near to the traditional end of its life.

How does it work?
Normally a new battery gives off 1.5v, but as soon as its output gets down to 1.4v, it's not powerful enough to run many devices, so we throw batteries away when only 20% of all their power has been used.

The Batteriser boosts the voltage back to 1.5v, allowing you to access the last of the energy - so your batteries last up to eight times longer. In fact, PC World reported that batteries can last around five times longer in things like remote controls and nine times longer in electronic toys.

The man behind the invention is electrical engineer Bob Roohparvar, who uses the metaphor of the toothpaste tube. How we normally use batteries is the equivalent of squeezing them from the top. Using a Batteriser is like switching to squeeze it from the bottom.

Battery boosters have been around for quite some time, but where this differs is that it has been scaled down so much that the sleeves are thin enough to fit into most battery compartments. It's also robust enough to be used a number of times.


The manufacturers point out that this breakthrough will save us all a small fortune on the cost of running everything from remote controls to kids' toys. In fact, the typical home has 28 disposable batteries in it - and homes with children will tend to have many more.

If that isn't enough to get you excited about this technology, it will also dramatically reduce the number of batteries going to landfill - and help save the planet at the same time.

The company plans to crowdfund the project using indiegogo later this month, and launch in September.

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