Was this cockroach lurking in this chicken curry?

Cockroach in curry
Cockroach in curry

Stu Beevers, a 28-year-old from Stockport, has claimed that he was enjoying a romantic meal with his girlfriend in the Mughli Restaurant on Rusholme's Curry Mile, when he came across something unexpected lurking in his chicken kerala. He fished it out, and was horrified to discover the unusual object was in fact a cockroach.

The Manchester Evening News reported that he left the restaurant without paying, in protest, and Beevers says he spent the rest of the night vomiting. The restaurant told the Mirror that it closed immediately after being told of the discovery and it is carrying out an investigation.

The restaurant has a 'Very Good' rating for hygiene, which was awarded in October 2012, and has never had any incidents of this nature in the 23 years it has been open. It said in a statement: "We have regular visits from our hygiene specialist and no evidence of any cockroach activity had been found on the visit prior to and immediately after the alleged incident took place."

It added: "From initial reports it does not appear that the insect was cooked in the curry dish," and that "Every precaution to find out where the cockroach could have come from has been made and we have passed it to our hygiene specialists for further investigation."
Cockroach tales

At this stage, therefore it's impossible to know exactly what happened in this instance. But while this restaurant may not have a pest control issue, we have heard over the years that there are plenty of other establishments with a far less rigorous approach to keeping the cockroach population under control. Here are five of the most horrific cockroach tales.

1. Back in January the Little C.U. Chinese restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue in London was closed down for six days after inspectors found cockroaches crawling on the wall. Live cockroaches were also found in a bag of baking soda used to marinade pork.

2. In the same month Gordon Ramsay's Maze restaurant in Mayfair was given a two-star rating by health inspectors, after they found seven cockroaches in areas used to prepare food and wash up.

3. In August last year, the owner of Cod Plus in Brighton was fined £1,000 after a customer found a deep-fried cockroach at the bottom of a bag of chips.

4. A year earlier the former owner of Munchies takeaway in Leeds was ordered to pay a court £2,000 after a customer found a cockroach baked into the crust of a pizza.

5. That January, the Hummingbird Restaurant in Stroud Green Road in Finsbury Park was closed after a customer found a cockroach in his chicken roti.

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