What do Ozzy Osbourne, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson have in common?

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Ozzy Osbourne doesn't seem to share a great deal of taste with Christina Aguilera or Jessica Simpson - except perhaps eyeliner. However, over the last few years, he has shared the same multi-million pound purchase with both of them - he has sold consecutive homes to the pop stars.

The first property was the Osbourne's Beverley Hills pad, which became famous as the set of their reality show. The six bedroom and nine bathroom property was well-known to millions of fans around the world.

The design became known as 'contemporary goth' - coined to describe the eccentric property, combining a love of chandeliers with heavy wood paneling, velvets and leather. Some rooms seemed to evoke the English hunting lodge or the gentleman's club, while others seemed to step straight from Versailles.

When the show ended in 2007 the family escaped the tour buses visiting the home, and sold it to Christina Aguilera for $11.5 million. She may have loved the property, but it's safe to say she didn't really appreciate the interior design and introduced her own striking gothic and burlesque style.

The entrance call was a dramatic feast, featuring an enormous red chandelier and heavy dark velvet drapes in place of doors. The dining room was home to a full-size carousel horse, and the games room held an array of arcade games and a mirrored ceiling. Another notable feature was the salon area in her enormous walk-in wardrobe, and a gift-wrapping room.

She put it on the market after her divorce in 2011, and in 2013 she finally sold it for $11.5 million.

After Beverly Hills, the Osbournes moved onto the Hidden Hills, in a slightly more understated Cape-Cod-inspired property - again with six bedrooms and a guest apartment, a cinema room and a pool and spa. They bought it for $12.4 million in 2007, and surprised many with their marginally more restrained style, from the French rural kitchen to the blue hues in the hallway - although they didn't scrimp on the chandeliers or the red velvet.

In 2013 they sold it to Jessica Simpson, for $11.5 million. The knock-down price may have something to do with a small fire started in the property a few months earlier, after the couple failed to extinguish a candle properly before bed. Simpson has yet to release pictures of the changes she introduced, although she is said to have converted the walk-in closet into a nursery for her youngest son.

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