Four in ten women in denial over too-tight jeans

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A survey has revealed that more than four in ten British women are in denial about their weight, preferring to squeeze into a pair of jeans that is too tight than to reach for the next size up.

Four in ten women wear too-tight jeans
Four in ten women wear too-tight jeans

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The poll of 1,000 women by fashion and lifestyle club StyleCard, found that 87 per cent pull on their denims at least once a week, and wear three of their eight pairs on a regular basis.

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And even though it was a struggle to fit into their favourite jeans, 42 per cent flatly refuse to buy a bigger size.

More than 50 per cent own a pair of skinny jeans that they never try to get into, hoping instead that they will slim down enough to wear them again one day in the future. And despite the fact that six out of ten girls have trouble finding a flattering fit, 93 per cent own a pair of jeans, paying an average of £24 a pair.

Though jeans remain an everyday item of clothing for most women, the wardrobe staple is not without its fashion fails. Low-rise jeans, jeggings and muffin tops were high on the list of denim dislikes, followed closely by ripped jeans, builder's bum moments and underwear poking out above the waistband.
Paraag Amin, founder and CEO of StyleCard, told the Daily Mail: "Jeans have been a staple of every woman's wardrobe for more than 50 years but some things don't change.

"The image of lying on a bed desperately trying to fit into a too-tight pair of denims has been with us for decades. But in recent years, it has become increasingly common to see women in jeans that are clearly one size too small and it seems, from our study, vanity is the reason why."

Would you prefer to struggle with too-tight jeans, or opt for comfort over vanity? Leave your comments below...

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