Anti-ageing makeup - what to buy and why

New and improved anti-ageing skincare products seem to hit the shelves on an almost daily basis, while makeup items are there to cover up those unresolved problem areas.

Anti-ageing makeup products
Anti-ageing makeup products

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But more recently, makeup brands have also been looking into ingredients that could give you a more youthful appearance and foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks designed to fight the signs of ageing are already on a cosmetics counter near you.

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Most of us will have experienced that cakey foundation look at some point in our lives, and when wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear, some foundations can really accentuate those ageing signs, particularly if you're also prone to dry skin.

Step forward hyaluronic acid - a substance that naturally occurs in the skin with an impressive ability to retain moisture. Growing numbers of makeup products now include this moisturising marvel, including MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear SPF10 Foundation (£24). This lightweight and creamy formula promises a natural and flawless look, and the added SPF protection can help protect your skin from sun damage - the leading cause of premature ageing.

Clinique's Repairwear Laser Focus All-smooth Make-up SPF15 is another excellent liquid foundation, with whey protein as an added ingredient that acts as a filler for fine lines.

As a general rule, it's best to stay away from powder makeup if you have dry skin, but you may have to make an exception for Pur's Mineral range. Their four-in-one Pressed Mineral Makeup SPF15 (also £24) contains the clinically proven anti-ageing ingredient Ceretin, which contains both retinol (thought to speed up skin cell turnover) and the aforementioned hyaluronic acid. The result? According to the makers, 'brighter, more hydrated' skin and reduced wrinkles.

Once again, the powdery base of most bronzers can emphasise those fine lines, but there are products that will leave you with a gorgeous glow that doesn't show off your wrinkles.

Cargo Hydra Bronze (£21), available at Debenhams, packs a hyaluronic acid punch that, when used over time, claims to restore the elasticity of your skin and keep it smooth. For a few pounds less, try Physician's Formula Cashmere Wear Ultra Smoothing Bronzer, priced at around £17.

An eye shadow that fights the signs of ageing might sound unlikely, but that's exactly what Elizabeth Arden claims their Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow does. At £16 a pop, their shadow range's key ingredient is retinyl linoleate, derived from vitamin A, which is thought to encourage collagen production. An extra boost of vitamins C and E helps to fight off the free radicals that accelerate ageing, giving your delicate eye area some added protection.

Clinique have also come up with an anti-ageing shadow in the form of their Lid Smoothie Antioxidant 8-Hour Eye Colour (£17). Peptides are claimed to boost collagen production and smooth the texture of the lids, while antioxidants, caffeine and cucumber extract help to soothe tired eyes.

Thinning eyelashes are another age giveaway, and you'll no doubt be aware of the huge number of lash extending and volumising mascaras on the market. But Shavata's Extreme Volumising Mascara (£15) contains candelilla and carnauba wax, both of which coat the lashes, protecting them and strengthening them over time.

Maybelline's New York Volume Express The Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara (£7.99) also does an excellent job of thickening and lengthening lashes, while collagen and jojoba help to promote healthy growth.

Your lippy probably already contains a moisturising ingredient, but even here there are a new and improved anti-ageing products available. For example, Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick (£7.99) not only provides colour but also shea, avocado and white tea extract, which account for 60% of the product, nourishing your lips while you look gorgeous.
And our old friend hyaluronic acid is the key ingredient in Shiseido's Perfect Rouge (£23), while Dior's Serum de Rouge (£25) was originally developed as a lip care product before the company added colour for plumped and hydrated lips.

Have you tried any anti-ageing makeup products? Did they work for you? Leave your comments below...