Elton John books entire hotel room for his glasses collection

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Elton John books entire hotel room for his glasses collection
Elton John books entire hotel room for his glasses collection

Sir Elton John has reportedly asked for an extra hotel room ahead of a gig in Brazil - just for his glasses!

According to The Sun, the 65-year-old singer booked the extra accommodation at the five-star Ouro Minas in Belo Horizonte.

Organisers were sent in to make sure the temperature of the room stayed at 16C too.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Sir Elton also asked for an international phone line and access to cable TV, specifically sports channels.

A spokesperson said: 'Elton John asked for an extra room in the hotel for some of his collection of glasses because he needs a temperature of 16C to preserve the accessories.

They added that he requested five large bottles or 12 small bottles of San Pellegrino sparkling water and eight small bottles of French Evian water.

Despite asking for a separate room for his famous specs collection, hotel staff were most surprised by his demand for the phone line and TV channels.

'What stands out is the request for a phone line with international access and, surprisingly, a television with access to local channels and cable,' the spokesperson said.

'In the latter, there is yet another requirement: that among the channels, he specifically has the sports channels.'

What would you request at a hotel room if you were a megastar? An entire floor all to yourself? A room full of cheese and wine? Leave a comment and let us know.

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