Fake air hostess jailed for conning three boyfriends out of thousands

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Fake air hostess jailed for conning three boyfriends out of thousands
Fake air hostess jailed for conning three boyfriends out of thousands

Ross Parry

A woman who pretended to be an air hostess for Emirates Airlines has been jailed after conning three lovers out of thousands of pounds.

By saying she was an air hostess, Stacey Simpson, 25, managed to make all three men think she was jetting around the world, while she was actually seeing each of them separately within miles of each other in the same town.

Earlier this month, she pleaded guilty to 12 charges of fraud, and was sentenced to 10 weeks in prison by Kirklees magistrates in West Yorkshire.

One of her biggest lies resulted in her unnamed fireman boyfriend having two of his properties, worth a total of £250,000, repossessed, because she failed to pay the mortgages and kept the money for herself.

According to the Metro, she also deceived Qatari international student Abdullah Anthani when she rented one of her boyfriend's flats to him after it had been repossessed, and pocketed the rent.

Prosecutor Howard Shaw said Mr Anthani believed the defendant was his landlord when in fact it was the fireman, who was referred to as Boyfriend No.1.

When Mr Anthani returned from a holiday in February last year he found the locks had been changed and he couldn't get into the flat as it was repossessed.

Six days later, Simpson met him and proceeded to con him out of a further £1,000 by telling him that she needed money for rent and mortgage arrears that didn't exist.

When he was still unable to get into the property he phoned her and she claimed to be in Singapore working as an air hostess.

Confused, Mr Anthani called Kirklees council and triggered an investigation that involved the West Yorkshire police, and the Department for Work and Pensions.

Simpson had actually flown to Majorca with Boyfriend No.3 when police turned up at her home in Huddersfield, where she had been living with Boyfriend No. 1.

The court also heard investigators discovered Simpson had submitted a housing benefit claim for another property she lived at with a different partner, dubbed Boyfriend No. 2.

Not only that, she had also deceitfully obtained £6,000 in housing benefit, job seeker's allowance, and council tax.

According to the Daily Mail, the chairman of the bench, Margaret Atkinson, said: "These were multiple offences of fraud. They were aggravated in that they were pre-meditated over a significant period of time."

A neighbour of Ms Simpsons also told the paper: "Stacey and her boyfriend were living here for about 18 months.

"Stacey would be away for periods of time and one time I asked her where she had been and she told me she had got a job as an air hostess and had been travelling the world.

"She was always telling me stories about where she had been, all round the world, but I didn't really believe it. She's a Walter Mitty-type character."

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