Parents under pressure over baby's style

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The average baby wardrobe now contains an impressive 56 outfits, a new study has found, and stylish celebrity tots are to blame.

Parents under pressure over baby's wardrobe
Parents under pressure over baby's wardrobe

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According to the poll of 1,000 by Marks & Spencer, new mums and dads spend an average of £327 on fashionable garb in baby's first year, the equivalent of one new item each and every week.

Two out of three parents claimed images of stylish 15-month-old Harper Beckham and six-year-old Suri Cruise "piled on the pressure" to keep their own little ones looking fashion forward.

And two-thirds confessed that well-meaning gifts of clothing from friends and family were binned for being "too unfashionable".

A further two in five rejected "outdated hand-me-downs", preferring their baby to wear brand new items, each of which would be worn an average of 12 times.

Even before the birth, expectant parents splash out £100 on baby clothes, and a fashion conscious two per cent of mums and dads have spent more than £100 on one item, designer coats and cashmere cardigans rating amongst the pricey "must-haves".

Despite all the expensive clothes, more than 50 per cent of parents confessed they had thrown baby clothes out after deciding they no longer liked them, but few think of donating to charity.

Marks & Spencer, which commissioned the study, is now working with Oxfam in a bid to persuade parents in the UK to recycle their baby clothes.

Sarah Farquhar, from Oxfam, said: "Baby clothes can be sold through our stores and find very grateful owners while at the same time raising crucial funds."

Are you a fashion conscious mum or dad? Do you feel under pressure to splash out on designer baby gear? Leave your comments below...