Get the deckchairs out! The weather has gone all topsy-turvy

Forget Spring - Summer temperatures forecast for Thursday!
Forget Spring - Summer temperatures forecast for Thursday!


If you're thinking of booking a last-minute holiday to warmer climes this week, you'd do well to head for Shropshire, Lincolnshire or even London, where temperatures are expected to hit a summery 17C by Thursday.

The warmer weather predicted earlier this week is now looking distinctly summery: a high of 17C means it could be hotter than summer, when temperatures hovered at around 15.5C last August.

Some weather experts are predicting that the balmy climate could even beat previous February records - 19.7C in 1988. Senior meteorologist Jim Dale from British Weather Services told AOL Travel: "There is around a 20 per cent chance that the February record will be beaten in terms of temperature."

"It certainly looks set to be very mild, with temperatures well over double the average for this time of year.

The Met Office's Helen Chivers says: 'We're already seeing temperatures that are unusually mild for this time of year. In parts of Scotland temperatures have already hit around 13C, which is more than twice what we'd expect at this time of year.

Over the next few days, it will continue to get warmer, says Helen. " The warmest parts of
the country are likely to be east of Penines, York, and parts of Shropshire, where the mercury could hit 17C, especially if the sun comes out.