20 Summer Nail Designs to Inspire Your Next Vacation

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20 Summer Nail Designs to Try ASAPFilippo Fortis - LAUNCHMETRICS SPOTLIGHT

Now that the gloominess of the winter season has finally passed, there are a few moments we can look forward to for the summer. Rooftops, happy hours, beach vacations, and, best of all, trading in your minimalist manicures for vibrant, colorful designs to match all of your OOO outings. In keeping with the experimental theme of this year’s top makeup trends, there’s been a huge emphasis on bold colors and playful techniques for nail designs. This season, prints and textures rule as we lean into the lively spirit of the summer while popular trends from previous seasons evolve into fresher, more unique styles.

As the temperature rises, the season offers an exciting chance to explore an array of vivid colors we’d usually shy away from during other seasons. But with so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose just one style to last you until your next nail appointment. So, to make the process a bit easier for you, we scoured the internet to find 20 of the most exciting and fun nail designs to try this summer. See our selections below.

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