Get £20 off new running shoes when you recycle your old ones at Runners Need

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Get a £20 voucher off new shoes at Runners Need

These days many of us are rightly conscious of the footprints our running shoes leave, both literally and metaphorically. If you've got pairs that have reached their end of useful running life, but have been wondering what to do with them, you'll be delighted by Runners Need's scheme.

Until 17 May, just take in your worn-out shoes to one of their fifty one branches, and they will take them off your hands and offer you a shiny £20 voucher for a new pair to replace them, as part of their Recycle My Run scheme.

The money off new shoes is a great incentive, but perhaps more important is the fact that you can be assured that your old shoes won’t simply end up in landfill and instead will be recycled or redistributed, depending on what condition they’re in.

Thanks to a collaboration with recycling expert SOEX, Runners Need recycles around five tonnes of kit annually.

‘At Runners Need, we’re passionate about trying to recycle our old gear,’ says Christian Allen, Runners Need product trainer. 'Shoes are graded into categories based on quality, and those that are still of very good quality – around 70 percent – are distributed on an at-need basis across 90 countries.’

The remaining shoes are shredded into tiny pieces, at which point metals, textiles, rubbers, leathers and foams are extracted and repurposed into other products. ‘A faithful pair of running shoes can find new life as a ping-pong bat, an athletics track or a piece of garden furniture,’ says Allen.

For more information or to locate your nearest Runners Need store is, visit

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