20 Medium-Length Hairstyles That Are Anything But Average

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Hairstyles often fall into the two categories of long and short. As if everyone is either rocking 26" of hair or has a pixie cut. When it's actually the medium length hairstyles that are the most applicable for people.

Whether your medium length hair is intentional or unintentional, one thing's for sure; you get the best of both worlds. You can style it pretty much any way from natural curls to wavy to straight, plus, we all know the struggle of not being able to throw our hair up and out of our face when we've gone a bit too short.

The biggest pro? Medium hair comes with a whole lot of hairstyle inspiration. So, if you've been styling your hair in exactly the same way and finding yourself in a bit of a rut, here are some pictures you could take to the hairdressers.

Sunkissed hair is an instant mood lifter, all year round.

Highlight your natural hair while also laying down your edges with a silk headscarf.

Micro fringes paired with shaggy tousled ends are where it's at.

The benefit of low-maintenance braids? When you want to switch up the length, just tuck it in and go.

Here's some simple maths. Layered hair + big curling wand = the bouncy look you've been craving.

All the proof you need that honey hues are the hair equivalent of a 2 week holiday.

Volume is the name of the game and faking a blow-dry with a curling wand will get you there.

Give your curls a refresh with a centre parting that sweeps hair behind your ears.

Everything that's going on here is pretty wonderful. The teddy scrunchie, the loose face-framing tendrils, the ponytail. All of it.

A deep side parting is the perfect match for natural hair.

Textured sandy hair with a signature swoosh has you covered on both the colour and volume front.

Running out of hairstyles for your curly hair? Adding a fringe is the way to go.

A centre sweeping fringe coupled up with mid length hair and of course, a bottle of sea salt spray is a magical trio.

Forget the side part or a centre part and go for the no part. It works wonders on all hair types.

Ready to update your wig or weave? Get a blunt cut to tidy things up instead of opting for a brand new one.

For an entry level hair accessory, you can't beat a nude hairband.

Who said that you need a side parting to nail old Hollywood waves? The only requirement here is your favourite serum for added shine.

A few cornrows and baby hairs are all you need to elevate your afro.

This plaited ponytail is the sleek upgrade on this popular school style that we've all been waiting for.

Make your top bun count with the helpful addition of a ribbon or scarf.

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