These 20 Lesbian Romances Will Put You in Your Feels

Looking for a movie featuring lesbian love? Good, because more than ever before, we're seeing lesbian relationships represented in film and on television. Among the 18+ Netflix series and the sexiest movies on Netflix, we have characters like Elena from "One Day at a Time", Sydney from "I Am Not Okay With This," and Villanelle from "Killing Eve," who are all LGBTQ+ women with wildly different stories. Still, while we love a progressing plot on TV, not everyone has time to binge episode after episode. Looking for something to enjoy in one sitting? Netflix features an extensive library of movies centered on relationships between queer women.

The genres really run the gamut. Whether you're into slice-of-life, drama, thriller, or romance flicks, there's something for you to enjoy. If rom-coms are your thing, one of the biggest hits in recent years is Ryan Murphy's "The Prom." In this fun, frothy musical, Emma and Alyssa (Jo Ellen Pellman and Ariana DeBose) get help from musical theater washouts to pull together the ultimate senior year send-out. But there are picks for those more geared towards dark plots, too. Allison Williams and Logan Browning pull a totally strings-attached relationship in "The Perfection" as prodigy cellists who play cat and mouse in this gritty horror flick.

That's all to say, there's a variety of nuanced lesbian stories on the platform that range from sweet romances to twisted affairs. And the horizon is only expanding as Netflix adds more LGBTQ+-focused originals to its service. Need help figuring out what to add to your queue? From "The Half of It" to "Fear Street Part One: 1994," we've rounded up the best movies on Netflix about women in same-sex relationships. Keep reading, and start streaming!

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