20 garden improvements that could boost your property value by £20k

Lisa Walden
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Photo credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz - Getty Images
Photo credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz - Getty Images

Want to boost your property value amidst a competitive market? Well, outdoor offices and paved patios are among the garden improvements that could increase your house price by an impressive £20,000.

According to the Rated People's Home Improvement Report 2021, outdoor spaces are now more valuable to homeowners than ever before — with many paying a premium for certain 'wow' factor features.

With remote working on the rise, summerhouses, outdoor entertaining areas, external lighting, children's treehouses, and built-in pizza ovens are now some of the most sought-after features. Restrictions might be gradually easing, but it seems Brits are still pumping their time (and money) into their gardens.

If you're looking to boost the value of your home, other outdoor improvements to consider including adding a garden home office or outdoor gym — which could add another £10,000.

Photo credit: Sara Danielsson - Getty Images
Photo credit: Sara Danielsson - Getty Images

Elsewhere in the research, 64% of residents said they now wouldn't buy a property if it didn't have an outdoor area, while almost half (47%) of the UK plan to transform their gardens as a result of the pandemic.

"The pandemic has also changed what many buyers are looking for in their next home," the report says. "Understandably, after a year of lockdowns, home improvements that enable outdoor entertaining have massively shot up in popularity. An outdoor cooking area, garden bar, and garden room can now add almost £23,000 onto your asking price."

Take a look at the full findings below...

20 garden improvements that could boost your property value by £20k

  1. Swimming pool (£7,707 boost to property value)

  2. Home office garden room (£5,325)

  3. Summerhouse (£5,249)

  4. Gym/studio room in the garden (£5,107)

  5. Bifold doors/French windows to the garden (£4,654)

  6. Outdoor entertaining area (£4,286)

  7. Decked patio (£4,227)

  8. Paved patio (£4,083)

  9. Greenhouse (£3,805)

  10. Mature plants/trees/flowers (£3,716)

  11. Lawned garden (£3,694)

  12. A new shed (£3,595)

  13. Contemporary horizontal slatted fencing (£3,589)

  14. Pond (£3,572)

  15. Astroturf (£3,529)

  16. Children's treehouse (£3,519)

  17. Water feature (£3,468)

  18. External lighting (£3,419)

  19. Built-in pizza oven (£3,339)

  20. Built-in outdoor BBQ (£3,320)

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