20 of the best upcycled wedding dress ideas

upcycled wedding dress ideas
20 upcycled wedding dress ideasEva-Katalin - Getty Images

We're all so conscious of being more eco-friendly and living more sustainably.

As well as changing some daily habits, the practice of being less wasteful and kinder to the Earth will be a prominent part of our decision making when it comes to everything from travelling abroad and eating less meat to planning a wedding.

Low-waste weddings are due to gain a lot of traction as couples aim to consciously plan their big day. There are so many brilliant eco wedding ideas, like creating your own biodegradable confetti.

And that’s where upcycled wedding dresses come in.

The world is full of millions of pre-loved garments that are just waiting to be repurposed into something beautiful.

Whether you find a gem in a charity shop or rewear a loved one’s dress, there is no end to what can be done to make them special to you.

Not only will they be completely bespoke and unique to you, how special will it can feel to wear a garment that was already cherished on someone else's big day?

Here are some of our favourite ideas from brides and makers the world over.

Some ideas are simple enough to attempt at home while more complicated ones enlisted the help of professionals.

Passed down and redesigned

This bride had her mother's dress lovingly remade. It's amazing what can be done with pre-loved pieces:

Another great example of a reconstructed dress. This bride wore her mother's dress and had it relined to fit her perfectly:

A gorgeous example of a redesigned train:

This stunning beaded ensemble removed the sleeves and added a delicate little cape:

This one proves how simple it can be to modernise an older style. Lace never goes out of style, sometimes it just needs a little work...

Charity shop gems

This maker is deconstructing an old wedding dress to use the fabric for a new dress:

This person used pieces from various dresses to create her dream one:

An amazing example of a reworked charity shop find:

Some new straps and the addition of organza detailing gives this dress a really unique look:

Non-traditional reconstruction

This seamstress attached the bodice from her mum's wedding dress to trousers for a chic wedding jumpsuit:

For any non-traditional brides out there...

We love these detachable shoulder details:

Renewed vows call for a renewed dress...

An heirloom dress transformed into something modern yet romantic:

When a wedding dress becomes something totally different

Ok not a wedding dress, but still worthy of a mention. From wedding dress to Christening gown:

One women had her mum's dress made into a cushion!

A beloved dress made into a fabric bouquet that can be passed to lots of family members:

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