20 baby names parents now consider unisex

Catriona Harvey-Jenner
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From Cosmopolitan

As time has gone on, new parents have become tired of using the same traditional names for their children. Now, parents are looking to names that were popular in centuries gone by for inspiration, as well as using names traditionally used for one gender for babies of the opposite sex.

Noticing this pattern, Online marketplace OnBuy.com surveyed 1,466 parents from England and Wales to find out the top 20 most popular names currently being used for both genders, and there are some seriously cute ones:

1. Noah

2. Charlie

3. James

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4. Max

5. Logan

6. Ruby

7. Evelyn

8. Theo

9. Mason

10. Finley

11. Dylan

12. Riley

13. Teddy

14. Harper

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15. Erin

16. Tory

17. Arlo

18. Luca

19. Harley

20. Reggie

Not that I'm trying to sway anyone into picking a gender neutral name for their kid or anything, but if you were to pick one of these without finding out the gender before they were born, at least you'd know it's a safe bet either way...

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