This 2-Move, Old School Workout Builds ‘Prison Strength’ In a Few Metres of Space

David Morton
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Grab a stopwatch and get ready to serve some time. In this workout, you’re going to perform two exercises back to back, one with your trusty sandbag or heavy object, one with nothing but your bodyweight and some explosive effort.

Reps are performed in descending order on your weighted moves and ascending order on your jumps, alternating back and forth, reducing or adding one rep at a time until they finally meet in the middle, creating the apocryphal ‘valley’. Then push o through to the end. The only reps that count are the first your do and the last…

1) Sandbag Lunge x 20-1

Perform a ‘clean to shoulder’, to heave your bag on to one shoulder (A) Take a large stride forward with your right leg keeping your torso upright, bend your front leg, keeping your knee in line with your ankle. When your back knee touches the floor (B) drive back up to a standing position. Repeat with your left leg. Count two steps (right+left) as ONE rep.

2) Split Squat jump x 1-20

Step one foot backward and sink into a deep lunge, with your rear knee lightly touching the floor (A). Explode upward, switching legs mid-air (B) to land in a lunge position with the opposite leg forward. Repeat the movement, alternating legs each rep. Count two steps (right+left) as ONE rep.

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