1980s Favourite RC Car Soon Available Large-Scale To Drive For Real

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1980s Favourite RC Car Soon Available Large-Scale To Drive For Real

Radio-controlled car fans of the 1980s will soon be able to buy a large-scale model of one of the most popular cars – and sit in and drive it themselves.

The Tamiya Wild One is set to make a comeback with The Little Car Company developing the Wild One MAX for release in 2022 under licence from Tamiya.

Rather than being 1/10th scale, the vehicle will be an impressive 8/10th scale, and you won't need an R/C controller, because it's big enough to drive yourself.

Just like the original, customers will get the opportunity to assemble the models at home.

The kits will even come with sticker sheets to carefully apply to the build at the end, but this time the company say “they’re now as tall as you are.”

The Tamiya Wild One MAX is expected to cost from $8,250 (£6,000 or €7000) plus local taxes.

The Little Car Company explain: “Ask any child of the 1980s what names like the Hornet, Lunchbox, Sand Scorcher & Avante meant to them, and they will likely reminisce about the joys of building and driving the 1/10th scale Radio Controlled (R/C) cars of their childhood. It is no secret that some of today’s most notable car designers started their engineering journey with the world’s best-known R/C car brand – Tamiya."

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