18 Tweets On Why Everyone Loves (But Also Kinda Hates) Bluey's Dad

Bandit and Bluey Heeler
Bandit and Bluey Heeler

Bandit and Bluey Heeler

Bluey’s dad is something of an icon in a lot of households – and not just in Australia, where the TV show is set.

The big blue daddy dog, called Bandit Heeler, is known for having boundless energy and patience as far as his kids Bluey and Bingo are concerned.

He’s always keen to teach a valuable life lesson, lives for fun and will literally drop anything and everything in the quest to make his children laugh.

Understandably, a lot of parents – especially dads – look up to the cartoon character who (fun fact) works as an archaeologist in the hit kid’s show. Someone even described him as “the greatest dad in the history of TV”.

TBH he is pretty special.

Some see him as the ultimate parenting role model. He’s even teaching kids some pretty valuable skills.

But while he has his fair share of admirers, there are also a lot of parents who feel a bit dejected when they compare their own style of parenting to Bandit.

For all the parents who love or borderline hate him, there are also those who tune into Bluey for one thing and one thing only – to thirst over Bandit.

Although, this person also has a point. Is it possible to fancy a jelly bean? Probably yes.