18 People Who Wish They Could Go Back In Time And Not Get Out Of Bed That Morning

18 People Who Wish They Could Go Back In Time And Not Get Out Of Bed That Morning

1.This person who left their breakfast unattended for just a moment:

A small mouse is nestled inside a paper bag with croissants on a kitchen counter next to a bottle of Fonte Tori water
u/Snagod / Via reddit.com

2.This person who walked up six flights of stairs because the elevator was broken, only to find another obstacle:

Hand opening door labeled "Floor 6" revealing a hallway inside
u/Stimpchelps / Via reddit.com

3.This person who forgot to put a garbage bag in their automatic litter box the last time they cleaned it out:

Broken automatic cat litter box with clumped litter overflowing onto the floor
u/crazydaisy8134 / Via reddit.com

4.This person whose shoes came in the mail...with the ink tag still on:

Close-up of a person's foot wearing a white knit sneaker with a high ankle collar, lace-up front, and a thick cushioned sole, on a wooden surface
u/WalksWithColdToes / Via reddit.com

5.This person who drove two hours to see a former flame, got canceled on, and then got a flat tire on the drive back:

The front half of a parked car with a stack of books and papers placed on the hood, on a grassy roadside setting
u/harold_the_cat / Via reddit.com

6.This person whose washing machine ruined their vest just a few hours before they had to attend a friend's wedding:

A hand holding a tangled, worn mop above a basket. A person in dark clothing and sneakers is visible from the waist down
u/Nickel-Bar / Via reddit.com

7.This person whose whole wardrobe got locked in their building's washing machine that couldn't be repaired before they had to go to work the next day:

A washing machine with clothes visible through the front glass door during a wash cycle
u/Internet_and_stuff / Via reddit.com

8.This person who forgot to pack other shoes for a three-week family vacation:

Someone wearing blue socks, grey Crocs, and blue jeans is sitting on a tiled floor
u/carrs-for-life-32 / Via reddit.com

9.This person who stayed in the park too late and got locked in:

A metal gate chained and locked, preventing entry. Urban street and greenery visible in the background
u/Bm_93 / Via reddit.com

10.This person who realized the person they sold their laptop to gave them counterfit cash:

A hand holding several US $100 bills, with visible images of Benjamin Franklin on the notes
u/Ibael / Via reddit.com

11.This person who got the top of their shoe torn off by an escalator:

A person's legs and sneakers are seen from above. The left shoe is damaged at the toe, revealing part of a sock. The sidewalk is visible in the background
u/Dashigos / Via reddit.com

12.This person whose fridge was already damaged upon delivery:

A large LG refrigerator, partially unwrapped with protective covering, stands in front of a truck. An unassembled box is seen in the background
u/Apart-Ad-4218 / Via reddit.com

13.This person who came home from work and was told by their partner that this was their dinner:

A cooking pot with some cooked pasta, surrounded by open cans containing corn, ground meat, and a dark sauce. A strawberry is visible in the background
u/DrVeganazi / Via reddit.com

14.This person who forgot to add water to the pot when they attempted to boil some eggs:

Two cracked eggs in a burnt pot on a stove with a yolk oozed out
u/itsHardToHaveAUsrena / Via reddit.com

15.This person who tried to make flourless cupcakes for their gluten-intolerant friend before hosting a hangout:

Two muffin trays with several cracked chocolate muffins rest on a stovetop. Some muffin cups are empty
u/FaethS / Via reddit.com

16.This person who forgot to update their delivery address after they checked out of a hotel:

Food delivery bag placed outside a closed door in a hallway with patterned carpet
u/rambaz710 / Via reddit.com

17.This person who tripped before they could even start the boba they'd just purchased:

Person accidentally drops a partially consumed boba tea on a sidewalk, with the spilled drink spread across the concrete. The person's hand is visible, holding keys
u/piefanart / Via reddit.com

18.And lastly, this person who drove two hours to see the lighthouse for nothing:

View of a cylindrical structure undergoing maintenance, surrounded by scaffolding and fencing with visible signage. Trees and a clear sky are in the background
u/ItsFourCantSleep / Via reddit.com