Amazon have some huge discounts on running backpacks right now

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Photo credit: Courtesy

Looking to invest in a running backpack that's comfortable, lightweight and offers impressive storage? You've come to the right place. Amazon Prime Day is currently running from today (12 July 2022) until 23.59 on the 13th of July and there are a huge range of excellent running backpacks on offer now.

We've done the hard work for you and collated the best rucksacks featured in the deals below as well as some other great options from other online stores. So if you're ready to level up your running backpack game scroll on to find out how to get the best bag for you at a bargain price.

How to pick the best running backpack

1. Straps

It seems kind of obvious to say the straps are important, but straps are seriously important. Learn about how to find the best fit for you.

Shoulder straps

Strap location and padding are crucial. The main shoulder straps need to be padded (not bulky) and wide enough to evenly distribute the weight of the bag over your shoulders. Thin straps dig in and can rub – not so good.

The straps need to be adjustable in length and feel comfortable when pulled tight enough to secure the bag firmly. Shoulders straps where ventilation has been considered will make a big difference in the summer months too (as is not wearing grey but that's a different sweat-based issue).

Chest straps

The main function of the chest strap is to help take the weight of the bag sitting on the shoulders and spread it evenly across the chest, whilst helping to hold the bag in place.

The chest strap is all about tension. Most decent straps will have a built-in section of elastic so that this can adjust with the movement of your chest and remain tight, but not restrictive. You don’t want to have to pull the chest strap too tight to hold the bag in place, that’s the job of the shoulder straps and the waist straps.

Waist straps

With the top of half of the bag now secured, the waist straps deal with, you guessed it, the bottom of the bag. Being the heaviest part of the bag, the straps here need to easily extend around the torso and be wide and supportive, especially on the lower back and hips.

2. Fit

Posture is key to how the bag should feel on your back; the bag needs to compliment your natural position so try not to adjust your posture to cope with the bag, this can lead to all sorts of issues. Avoiding hunching and rounding the back - you do enough of that in your office chair - keep your shoulders back and your chin up.

The ideal position for the bag should be with most of the weight on your shoulders and hips, so try and get as snug a fit as possible on these points. Adjust the shoulders straps first, then the waist and then finally the chest.

3. Size

The smaller the bag the better, but that’s just not plausible when carting around a day's worth of clothes, makeup and lunch; so take a look about and see what size seems most appropriate to you, your commute and post-work plans.

22 best running backpacks for women

1. Lovarts Beauty Lightweight Hydration Backpack

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

With two water bottles included, as well as wide-straps for extra comfort, this trail running backpack is made to go the distance with you. With six compartments too, it can hold an impressive amount.

Capacity? 5.5 litres

Best for: trail running

How much? £27.99 now £22.39


2. Lixada waterproof running backpack

Made from ultra-light water and tear-resistant material, Lixada's running backpack is on the larger size for longer trips. Our favourite bit? The removable bag to keep your phone safe and dry. Because those views are going to need to be 'grammed.

Capacity: 18 litres

Best for: longer runs or overnight trips

How much? £29.99 now £23.78


3. Eulant lightweight running backpack

Lightweight and versatile, this running backpack is a great choice if you want to use it for a number of sweaty pursuits. Whether you like to run, bike or hike, Eulant's lightweight pack is water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Best for: cross-training

How much? £23.42 now £18.74


4. Fistcale lightweight foldable running backpack

Brilliant as a daypack, this foldable running backpack is tear-resistant and waterproof without being too heavy. There's also a water bladder compartment for easy hydration, as well.

Capacity: 8 litres

Best for: longer training runs or day trips

How much? £21.99 now £17.59


5. Lixada Hydration Backpack

Photo credit: Amazon
Photo credit: Amazon

This lightweight model is comfortable and comes with adjustable waist and front straps so you can make sure that it properly fits you before hitting the road.

Capacity: 5 litres

Best for: shorter training runs

How much? £29.98 now £17.58

6. Karrimor X Lite running backpack

Designed with ventilated shoulder straps and handy reflective detailing for safe night-time running, this backpack is a steal at £19.99.

Capacity: 15 litres

Best for: low visibility runs

How much? £19.99


7. Kalenji black and red trail running backpack

Created for long distance trail running, this backpack will take you up to 80km on your travels. A practical, lightweight bag that can carry all your gear and not weigh you down in the process. There's also a 1 litre water bladder to keep you hydrated as you go. Winner.

Capacity: 10 litres with storage for two 500ml soft flasks, too.

Best for: trail running

How much? £29.99 19.99


8. Evadict trail running hydration running backpack

A great trail running backpack for beginners, this five-litre running backpack is a comfortable choice to get going with. There are multiple pockets for you to pack how you like with an anatomic design that hugs your back.

Capacity: 5 litres

Best for: beginner trail running

How much? £19.99


9. ASICS lightweight running backpack

You love your Asics running shoes but get ready to love their running backpacks as well. This one is lightweight and durable, a good choice for spring and summer runs.

Capacity: 10 litres

Best for: spring and summer running

How much? £24.99


10. Utobest lightweight trail running backpack and hydration vest

Crafted from an ultra-light stretch fabric, Amazon's choice trail running backpack and hydration vest is made from a high-density mesh that fits your body and allows heat to escape too. It's a budget-friendly price and has capacity for a 1.5litre water bladder – although you will need to buy this separately.

Capacity: 5.5 litres

Best for: trail running

How much? £24.80


11. Local Lion running backpack

One of the most comfortable running backpacks on the market, this model has an updated and improved suspension system to distribute weight evenly across your back and shoulders. It's a bigger backpack with twenty litres of capacity, including a pocket for books or a laptop.

Capacity: 20 litres

Best for: overnight trail running

How much? £29.99


12. Evadict trail running unisex running backpack

Go up to 80km with Evadict's middle-capacity trail running backpack. It has a 1 litre water bladder as well as room for two 500ml soft flasks, as well as 10 pockets to stash all your gear. It has two side elastics and three adjustable front straps to keep you stable as you stride.

Capacity: 10 litres

Best for: trail running

How much: £34.99


13. Salomon Trailblazer 10 trail running backpack

Slightly bigger, the Salomon Trailblazer is for those who like to pack a little more. At 10 litres, you can store whatever you need as well as stash a soft water flask, too. At under £40, it's a real winner.

Capacity? 10 litres

Best for: trail running

How much? £36.84


14. Evadict mixed ultra trail running backpack

Whether your trail is 80km or 300km Evadict's bigger-capacity trail running backpack is a great mid-tier option. There are eight pockets in the front and seven in the back which makes gear easily accessible, as well as a choice between a smaller and larger size dependent on your frame.

Capacity: 15 litres

Best for: trail running

How much? £49.99


15. Nike Run Commuter running backpack

It's called the 'Commuter' for a reason - this rucksack is roomy and has multiple storage compartments, making it the perfect run-to-work bag. It also has a hydration pocket with tube clip.

Capacity: 15 litres

Best for: commuting

How much? £48


16. Omm Ultra-Light running backpack

This ultra-lightweight backpack is for those of you who love to get out in the great outdoors for adventure and fun aplenty. With an incredible 20 litres of storage space plus snazzy reflective detailing, you'll be well equipped and well seen, which, at the end of the day, is all we can really ask for.

Capacity: 20 litres

Best for: commuting, short day trips

How much? £75


17. Osprey Duro 1.5 running backpack and hydration vest

Super compact with a vest-style fit and inbuilt soft flasks for hydration, this rucksack would be perfect for a distance runner looking to up their game.

Capacity: holds 250 ml soft flasks

Best for: long distance training, warmer commutes

How much? £80


18. Ultimate Direction Womens Adventure Vesta 5.0

This has all the pros of a mountaineering backpack – like 16.5 litres of storage, a front stretch pocket for your phone (should you need to check the map), trekking pole holding pockets and a 500ml ergonomic body bottle. Can you say equipped?

Capacity: 16.5 litres

Best for: longer trail running, expeditions

How much? £160


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