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Mejuri Organic Pearl Large Hoops

These Mejuri Organic Pearl Large Hoops ($75) are classic and gorgeous.

17 Pieces of Pearl Jewelry to Buy in 2020 and Wear Forever

Pearls are gorgeous, no doubt, but the classic stone can sometimes get a connotation with old-school, outdated style. Well, we're here to tell you that's simply not true. Today's pearls can really take any form. Some are classic and timeless, while others are more vibrant and mixed with different colorful jewelry. It's safe to say these aren't your grandmother's pearls.

These 17 pieces are ones you're going to want to wear all the time. From understated necklaces to cool bracelets and even pearl hoop earrings, there's something for every different style, at every price point. Just keep reading to shop our picks!


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