17 Healthy–Ish Homemade Snacks Your Toddler Will Love

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Let’s face it, carrot sticks and hummus aren’t all that enticing for a two year old. And a Hobnob isn’t the healthiest option.

But there are plenty of snacks you can easily throw together that will fend off hunger until mealtime and inject some goodness into your tot. And even if you’ve got a fussy eater on your hands, one of these delish snacks is bound to be a winner.

Get Inventive With The Snacks You Give Your Toddler This Year [Rex]
Get Inventive With The Snacks You Give Your Toddler This Year [Rex]

Chocolate Dipped Frozen Banana Pops
If you’ve got a mini chocolate lover on your hands, try out this healthier option. Chill a peeled banana in the freezer before dipping the end into some melted dark chocolate so he’ll still get that sweet hit but with some healthiness, too.

Frozen Yoghurt Buttons
This one’s as simple as it sounds. Dollop some yoghurt onto a baking tray lined with greaseproof paper before putting it in the freezer for a few hours. Then – tah dah – you have yoghurt buttons.

Apple Crisps
Baked slices of apple make for a delicious, and crunchy, alternative to normal crisps.

Fruit Kebabs
Make fruit more fun by chopping it up into bite-sized chunks and threading them onto a kebab stick for your toddler to snack on.

Mini Pizzas
Shop-bought frozen pizzas aren’t always healthy, but if you make them yourself then you’ll be able to decide exactly what you put on them. Make some small ones for your toddler to snack on when on-the-go or in between meals.

Top Your Mini Pizzas With Sweetcorn, Peppers And Tuna [Rex]
Top Your Mini Pizzas With Sweetcorn, Peppers And Tuna [Rex]

Apple Sandwich
Slice an apple horizontally so you’re left with flat circular segments that will act as the bread. Then fill your slices with whatever spread your tot approves of – peanut butter tends to be a winner.

Homemade Cheese Straws
Really quick and easy to make (we’re talking 20 minutes and minimal effort), your toddler can help you make these cheesy treats – and eat them once they’re done!

Fruit And Oatmeal Cookies
Forget chocolate chip biscuits, and rustle up some fruit and oatmeal ones instead.

Carrot Chips
Ever tried sweet potato fries? Make these in the same way, but swap the potato for carrot to give your little one a hit of vitamin A, carotene and potassium.

Banana And Blueberry Smoothie Pops
Blend a couple of bananas and a few handfuls of blueberries to make a fruity mixture (you can add in some milk to make it a little runnier, if nessecary). Then pour the mix into ice lolly moulds and freeze overnight to leave delish, and child-approved, smoothie pops. 

How Good Do These Ice Pops Look? [Rex]
How Good Do These Ice Pops Look? [Rex]

Blueberry Muffins
OK, so these do contain a fair amount of sugar, but they’re also crammed with the vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidant goodness of blueberries. And they provide another fun baking activity that you and your tot can do together. Here's a simple recipe you can try.

Frozen Banana Dipped In Yoghurt And Rolled In Cereal
Who said breakfast snacks had to be restricted to the morning? This yum treat can be made at any time throughout the day. Simply freeze a peeled banana overnight before dipping it in yogurt and rolling it in Cheerios (or whichever child-friendly cereal you have in the cupboard).

Carrot And Hummus Rolls
Put a fun spin on the classic carrot-sticks-and-hummus-combo with these rolls. Peel thick slices of carrot and spread them with humous before rolling up into sushi-like rolls. Simple and tasty!

Apple Slices Dipped In Peanut Butter
Swap the tortilla crisps and dip for sticks of apple and peanut butter during your next family film night. Apple is obviously a really good fruit for your child to eat lots of and peanut butter is busting with protein and essential fats that help brain development.

Chocolate Chip Raspberries
If your toddler isn’t the biggest fan of berries, you can try pushing a single chocolate chip into the dip in the centre to give it a slightly chocolatey taste.

Whole Wheat Pretzels
Packed with goodness, making these pretzel sticks should definitely be on your to-do list. And we bet your toddler will approve.

Mini Cucumber And Cheese Sandwiches
Crammed with goodness, these bite-sized sandwiches are ideal for picnics, long car journeys and mid-afternoon snacks. Cucumber helps keep children hydrated and is also thought to be a great remedy for stomach aches and pains.

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