16-year-old student kicked off of school bus for wearing 'inappropriate' shirt

Most students who wear an outfit deemed inappropriate by school administrators get sent home at some point during the school day. But for one high schooler in North Carolina, getting home from school was the whole problem after the assistant principal wouldn’t let her on the school bus because of the top she was wearing.

On Friday afternoon, India Middleton received a call from her 16-year-old daughter, Makhigha Davis, who was sitting in Hoke County High School’s main office, telling her mom that she was taken off of the bus by school administrators.

“I told her I was working and needed to wait until my last pickup came,” Middleton wrote in a Facebook post that has gone viral. “I didn’t receive a call from the administration until 5 p.m. He and I had a verbal exchange that ended in him hanging up on me.”

Nearly an hour later, around 5 p.m., Middleton was finally able to get to the high school to pick up her daughter. When she arrived, she found Davis sitting outside of the school in 50-degree weather, with no adult supervision. In a video included in her Facebook post, Middleton is seen walking up to the building to show that all the lights are off, and all doors are locked. Davis said the last staffer left inside had closed the office and told her to wait outside.

“I feel that if my child is not allowed to ride the bus because of inappropriate clothing, why would she be allowed to remain on campus for an hour and 45 minutes past the incident?” Middleton continued in her post. “And could this not have been addressed by in-school suspension Monday?”

According to a statement provided to ABC11 by the school, it probably could have been dealt with at another time — and should have been.

“Hoke County Schools will not make excuses for the poor judgement demonstrated by the assistant principal,” the statement read. “The best course of action would have been to allow the student to get on the bus Friday afternoon and, if deemed necessary, handle any dress code issues on Monday morning. All administrators understand that if a child is pulled from a bus then they are responsible for that child’s supervision until they are safely picked up by a parent.” 

But after coming to find her daughter in a seemingly unsafe situation, Middleton doesn’t think the school has done enough by the statement. In fact, Middleton told ABC11 that she hasn’t sent Davis back to school since. 

Numerous parents have chimed in on Middleton’s Facebook post to express their own concerns about the way that Davis was treated, in addition to their confusion over the dress code issue. But, most important, everyone seems to be wondering about what the superintendent will do to punish the assistant principal’s actions — Yahoo Lifestyle‘s request for comment from the school has not yet been returned.

“It seems like there is no consequence for the administrator,” Middleton told the ABC affiliate. “He gets to go about his regular day.”

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