This $16 Retinol Eye Stick Gets Rid of “Raccoon Eyes” and Crow’s Feet, Per Shoppers

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Even a customer who used Botox “for years” was impressed.

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Unfortunately for me, most of my exhaustion is shown around my eyes. I usually rely on makeup to erase any signs that I’m in dire need of sleep, but sometimes, even the best concealer can’t get rid of that tired appearance for good. That’s why, I’ve started looking into skincare products formulated specifically to energize — aka plump and brighten — the skin around the eyes.

Take the Velamo Retinol Eye Stick, for instance, which has more than 4,000 five-star ratings at Amazon. This rejuvenating balm targets various eye concerns to let you wake up with a “healthier glow every morning,” per a reviewer. Currently, you can take 47 percent off the product, bringing it down to just $16 at Amazon.





Velamo’s Retinol Eye Stick is ideal for those dealing with puffiness, dark circles, or fine lines. It restores elasticity and moisture to under eyes, while also firming fine lines in the area to reveal a smoother look within a few weeks. Because this eye stick contains retinol, it can increase the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, so, you’ll want to use it at night, or apply sunscreen in the morning. The brand recommends using it once every two to three days if the skin around the eyes is not familiar with retinol products. After a month, switch your routine to applying it once daily.

If you’re concerned about any irritation from retinol, the brand claims this treatment is safe for sensitive skin. This eye formula from Velamo contains an encapsulated retinol, which is a stabilized form made to be gentler on the skin. Those with delicate skin agree, with one reviewer saying that they’ve “used it all around [their] eyes (lids, corners, under-eye) with no irritation at all.”

Several reviewers are impressed with how quickly this retinol eye stick revitalizes their entire eye area, especially crow’s feet. One reviewer said this productworks better than expensive eye creams,” adding that their “crow’s feet are barely noticeable.” Others similarly shared that they saw their fine lines softening within a month. A shopper who used it for three weeks raved  that their“dark circles and puffiness are almost non-existent” thanks to the stick. Even a customer who used “Botox for years” was impressed that it actually works. “Everyone says my makeup looks great, but it’s the eye stick,” they wrote. Lastly, a fan called it a “miracle” for getting rid of their “raccoon eyes.”

So, take care of various eye concerns with Velamo’s Retinol Eye Stick. Buy it now for $16 at Amazon before the deal is gone.

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