16 Oils That'll Keep Your Hair and Scalp Hydrating From the Inside Out

Oils have been used for hair-care purposes since just about the beginning of time - and with good reason. While the thought of slapping oil onto your hair might sound intimidating to some, hair oils are actually great when it comes to keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny. The key is just figuring out which one might work best for you.

A good hair oil typically consists of a base or carrier oil (avocado oil, camelia seed oil, argan oil, olive oil, etc.) that makes up the majority of the recipe because they usually have intensive hydrating properties. Then they're topped that off with a treatment oil that targets specific ailments like dryness, for instance, before an essential oil that's high in fragrance and potent in beauty benefits is thrown into the mix. If you're prone to throwing on your invisible lab coat and mixing up your own hair-care cocktails, there are hair oil recipes that are easy to make at home, though there are plenty of products on the market these days that have made it easier for you to get your hair oil fix.

To see which hair oils are our favorites, read ahead.

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