18 Vegetable Snacks and Sides to Keep You Full and Craving-Free

Eating more vegetables may be part of your weight-loss plan and, ideally, you should be having them with every meal and snack. We've rounded up 18 veggie snacks and side dishes, all approved by dietitians, to make that a little easier. These snacks and sides are tasty, satisfying, and savory to fulfill your cravings and keep your weight loss goals on track.

Regardless of whether weight loss is your goal, veggies are key for your health, said Samantha Presicci, LD, CPT, lead registered dietitian at Snap Kitchen . But they're an especially great choice if you're looking to lose pounds, "because they're rich in fiber (which is satiating and supports good gut health) and they're a lower-calorie, more nutrient-dense option compared to most packaged snacks on the market," Presicci told POPSUGAR. "Especially when paired with a healthy fat, veggies are an awesome way to stay full and satisfied until your next meal."

Grab the carrots and hummus, and let's get started.

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