15lb Baby Born Naturally Is UK's Second Biggest Ever

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Forget the lemon and grapefruit analogy, one mum got rather more than she bargained for giving birth to her first son - who weighed in at a whopping 15lb 7oz, making him the second biggest baby ever born in the UK.

George Joseph King was born after a 16-hour delivery to worried young parents Jade Packer and Ryan King, both 21.

They revealed how, because of his size, George was cut off from oxygen for five whole minutes and his shoulders got stuck on the way out. He was given just a 10 per cent chance of survival but months later is doing well.

The big little man was born 15 days after his due date and had to remain in hospital for four and a half weeks to check he hadn't suffered any damage due to his hair-raising birth.

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Jade told the BBC: "His shoulders got stuck and that is when everything kicked off. There were about 20 doctors in the room and that is when it got really scary.

"My mum was there at the birth and she was quite scared and shocked as well. Everyone was shocked that he was so big. He is a little miracle – a big miracle actually!"

She added: "It was a massive shock for everyone - no-one had any idea he would be this big. During the pregnancy I was just getting bigger and bigger.

"It makes it even more special to have him home now after all he has been through."

Neither of George's parents were particularly big at birth and doctors are baffled as to why their son had such a high birth weight. And as it was predicted, they struggled during the birth.

Dad Ryan admitted they were scared of losing George but: "Now we are home, we are getting used to family life together. Everyone has said his size will level out and he will grow at a normal rate."