15 Yoga-Mat Bags That Make It Easier to Show Up to Every Class

As calming and meditative as yoga is supposed to be, sometimes the thought of lugging your oversize yoga mat along with you on the subway, or even just down the block, isn't exactly motivating. The truth is, yoga mats aren't the most convenient things to transport. They don't fit into a regular gym bag, and they tend to unravel if they're not rolled and strapped tightly enough. Fortunately, however, there are plenty of yoga-mat bags for seasoned and beginner yogis alike. Perhaps you need one that can be carried like a backpack, prefer one that fits an entire pair of shoes in addition to a mat, or could use one with a ton of pockets. Whatever the case may be, you definitely won't be complaining about inconvenience with any one of these yoga-mat bags.

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