15 years after its release, the writer behind Jennifer's Body wants to make a sequel

 Jennifer's Body.
Jennifer's Body.

Viewed nowadays as a cult horror hit that was way ahead of its time, demon flick Jennifer’s Body didn't get the praise it deserved upon release. In the interim, the movie has catapulted into acclaim, and writer Diablo Cody wants to make a sequel.

In an interview with Bloody Disgusting, when asked if she would ever expand on one of the best high school horror movies, Cody exclaimed  “YES! I wanna do a sequel! I am not done with Jennifer’s Body. I just need to find… I need to partner with people who believe in it as much as I do and that hasn’t really happened yet.”

Starring Megan Fox as Jennifer Check, a popular teenage girl turned flesh-devouring demon, and her unlikely best friend Anita Lesnicki (Needy), played by Amanda Seyfriend, Jennifer’s Body follows the aftermath of a satanic sacrifice gone wrong, turning Jennifer into a man-eating succubus.

As Jennifer feasts her way through the male student population at Devil's Kettle High School, Needy must find a way to put a stop to her BFF's killings before her own boyfriend is next on the plate.

At the end of the movie we see Needy stab Jennifer presumably to death. After she is sent to a mental asylum for murder, she escapes and proceeds to kill the very men who turned her best friend into a monster in the first place. With this conclusion it is hard to see where a sequel will pick up, is Jennifer really dead? Or maybe the story will follow Needy’s journey after her escape. After all, she was bitten by a demon and holds some demonic powers.

Thanks to social media, the movie has gained mass popularity with modern viewers, but back in 2009 Jennifer’s Body flopped at the box office and faced harsh critical reviews. Cody touched on the movie’s years-later resurgence, saying, “I was excited about it obviously, but I was also a little bit salty because I remember thinking, well where was this audience when the movie came out?” the writer asked before confessing, “ It was a critical, commercial failure. I was pretty humiliated to be perfectly honest with you.”

Jennifer’s Body is available to stream right now on Disney Plus. For more check out all of the upcoming horror movies heading your way in 2024 and beyond, or stay on this scary train with our list of the best horror movies of all time.