15 super last-minute present ideas (that you can buy on Christmas Eve)

Bright Paper Packages surprise present box from £20

For three, six or 12 months Bright Paper Packages, will send a selection of wrapped presents sourced with care from small businesses and designer-makers in the UK, and selected fair-trade companies. Buy now

Pong Cheese monthly cheese box from £18

A monthly selection of cheeses chosen to work perfectly together on a cheeseboard. Available as in three, six or 12 monthly subscriptions or as a one off gift. Buy now

The Willoughby Book Club subscription from £29.99

The perfect gift for the book worm in your life. Available in three, six or 12 month options. Ranging from baby books, to classics, cookery and even gardening. There’s something for everyone. Buy now

Craft Gin Club from £40

A bottle of fine small-batch gin and a box of treats every month. Available monthly, bi monthly and quarterly. Buy now

Art Your Walls art subscription box from £24.95

An exclusive limited edition art print sent each month. Choose from three, six and 12 month subscriptions. A donation to Centrepoint charity for the homeless is made with each purchase. Buy now

Lick My Dip subscription hot sauce from £12.49

A curated monthly box of British and European small batch products. Send hot sauce, spicy foods and condiments to the committed chilli addict in your life. Buy now

Anonymous Jewellery subscription boxes from £10.90

Send a box filled with up to three pieces of jewellery. Select from one to six monthly plans. Buy now

Beer Bods from £36 for three months

One bottle of beer from independent breweries sent every week. There’s even a gluten free option! Buy now

The Perfume Society discovery boxes from £17.50 a month

Perfume lovers receive a box each month containing samples and smelling notes. Test out the big names and discover exciting up and coming fragrances. Buy now

Primal snack box from £17.99

An exciting alternative for the health conscious, offering wholesome combinations of nutritious snacks, dried meats and paleo treats. Vegetarian and vegan options available. Buy now

Cure and Simple bacon delivery service from £5.95

Discover multiple flavours of bacon delivered to your door in an insulated envelope. Got a dog? No problem. Deterrent packaging available on request. Buy now

Allotment in a box annual subscription £59.99

A supply of seeds sent quarterly to plant and eat all year round, along with lots of bespoke grow your own goodies. Buy now

Bruu Gourmet Tea Club gift voucher from £28.50

Three hand picked gourmet teas sent monthly selected to the recipient’s taste. All you have to do is send the voucher and leave the rest to Bruu. Buy now

Hotel Chocolat tasting club £9.95 a month

A different selection of dark, milk and white chocolate delivered every month. Buy now

Pink Parcel subscription box £10.50 a month

Your favourite tampon and pad brands sent monthly along with a selection of comforting goodies. Buy now [Photo: The Ting Thing]

The irksome spectre of Christmas present’s been looming over you for weeks, ‘Spend your wages Ebenezer,’ it nags. Yet for whatever reason – time, money, an acute loathing of festive consumerism – you’ve been resisting.

Now, hurtling towards the big day, eyes wide and glassy like a terrified Anime character, you find yourself face to face with the dreaded last-minute dash to the high street. Noooooooo!

Fear not, reluctant shoppers, you got this. In a few clicks you’ll be striking this nightmare before Christmas from your to-do list quicker than you can say, ‘Bah humbug!’