15 Stylish and Whimsical Hanging Planters on Amazon

If you're a plant parent who is running out of counter space for your precious green babies, you need to make use of your vertical space. Hanging planters will add that majestic flair to your interior decor while letting you grow even more plants. We rounded up the best hanging planters on Amazon , and the retailer has a ton of cute and whimsical options.

From natural macrame and wicker baskets to modern bowls and pots, there's a hanging planter perfect for your aesthetic. We found a variety of options including ones with a flat platform or shelf, planters with two or more tiers, and even a few you can use indoors and outdoors. Plus, we found the most adorable planter that looks like a cat. It'll add a playful flair to your space. Keep your indoor garden flourishing all year long with these stylish planters ahead.

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