15 Old Navy Work Pants That Look Like Trousers and Feel Like Sweats

"Work pants" means something different to everyone, especially in the WFH era. To you, that might mean a classy pair of trousers, but to the next person, elevated sweatpants might suffice. No matter what comes to mind, we can all get behind this: Your work pants should be comfortable. Like, you should actually look forward to slipping them on in the morning, especially with how many comfy options are on the market. (After all, if they're not comfortable enough to last long days and what seems like even longer commutes, what's the point?)

One of our favorite places to scoop up work pants is Old Navy, which is bursting with budget-friendly, versatile, and stylish options. The retailer has everything from tailored styles like pixies and trousers for traditional dressers to more trend options like wide-leg cotton pants and linen designs for more casual workspaces. In other words, there's something for everyone, whether you trek to an office daily or take Zoom meetings from your living room. Ahead, shop 15 of our Old Navy favorites and finally get a pair of work pants you won't hate.

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