These 17 Nordstrom Pieces Make the Perfect Work-From-Home Wardrobe

Members of the work-from-home club, gather around! Let's talk about the clothes that pair well with long days of Zoom meetings taken from the comfort of our four walls. We've been finding ourselves gravitating toward all things soft and comfortable in the form of slouchy-but-sophisticated cardigan sweaters, effortlessly polished dresses, and pants that are easy to slip in and out of. The pandemic has redefined workwear, essentially upending the era of stiff blazers and rigid pencil skirts. Instead, relaxed suits are in vogue, bringing with them a defining mood of effortless comfort and easy style. Exhibit A: Carrie Bradshaw's remote-work closet.

All these principles guide our search when shopping for the perfect work-from-home wardrobe. We turned to Nordstrom to find pieces worth taking a Zoom call in, grabbing coffee in . . . you get where we're going with this. Ahead, we've curated an edit of practical and stylish looks for the home office and beyond.

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