Our 15-Minute ‘Dead Legs’ Workout Delivers a Devilish Leg Pump

Our 15-Minute ‘Dead Legs’ Workout Delivers a Devilish Leg Pump

This workout may be called ‘dead legs’, but don't be put off by its ominous name, it isn't –quite – as life threatening as it seems. You may, however, want to avoid the stairs as you slowly exit the gym post training. 'We all know what it feels like to have a dead leg back at school or playing football' says MH Elite coach Scott Britton, 'but this is going to be a little bit different, we want your legs to recover after this.' So, nothing to fear.

But as much as we loath and fear training our wheels, neglecting our lower body could mean we miss out on a load of physiological benefits, including an increase in muscle stimulating hormones and metabolic-boosting effects.

Set the timer for 15 minutes and complete three rounds of the exercises – dumbbell thrusters, dumbbell squats and dumbbell or kettlebell swings. Choose your pace and rest times wisely. Britton says, 'there's two ways of taking this on, you might do it all super quick and have a long period of rest at the end, or you maybe you'll take a little bit longer to complete those rounds and not have that much time at the end.'

Remember, when you're done with the three exercises the remainder of your time will be spent doing max dumbbell thrusters, so choose your rest times wisely.

The Workout

Three rounds to be complete in under 15 minutes. Max dumbbell thrusters for the remainder of time if you finish sooner.

dumbbell thruster exercise
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Dumbbell Thruster x 15 Reps

You can complete this exercise like our MH demonstration with two dumbbells, or single arm and alternate like Britton, or as he demonstrates you can hold one dumbbell in both hands. Begin standing tall and then sink into a low squat with your core tight. Push through the heels powerfully so that the dumbbell travels overhead. Bring the dumbbell downwards and then repeat by completing another squat.

dumbbell front squat
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Dumbbell Squat x 30 Reps

For the dumbbell squat you can use two dumbbells like the MH demonstration, or you can rest the weight on your shoulder and alternate every 10 reps like Britton. He also mentions that to regress the exercise you can have the weight at your side. Engage your core with your chest open and the dumbbell in your chosen position. Sink your hips back into a low squat within your range of mobility. Push through the heels back to standing and repeat.

american kettlebell swing
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American Kettlebell Swing x 60 Reps

Begin with the kettlebell on the floor in front of you with equal footing either side. Hip hinge and send your backside back while reaching for the kettlebell handle. Swing the kettlebell through your legs and snap the hips forward to move the kettlebell overhead. Reverse the movement back between your legs to then send it overhead once again. Britton says, 'don’t bend your arms and do all the work with them. The swing is all about the hips, squeezing those glutes and pushing your hips through'. Regress to Russian swings (swing travels to eyeline) if necessary. Britton breaks the swings down into 4 sets of 15 with small rests in between.

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