15 Italian Studs You Need To Follow On Instagram

Italian guys on Instagram
Italian guys on Instagram

We love following these Italian hotties on Instagram!

Italian guys on Instagram
Italian guys on Instagram


Instagram is a great platform to connect with people and explore different places around the world. There’s also the possibility of combining those two things through connecting with people from different countries. But let’s keep it real: sometimes it’s also fun to follow people on Instagram just for the eye candy, too!

Generally speaking, we certainly appreciate men who embrace the art form of thirst trapping and provide us with a lot of material to scroll through on social media. And when thinking about hot guys all around the world, Italy is absolutely one of the countries that quickly come to mind. In fact, there is a long history of Italian men being featured as heartthrobs in movies and TV shows, and that’s also true when it comes to Instagram studs that are worth your follow.

Scroll through to check out the Italian hotties that you should be following on Instagram!

Giulio Giammarioli

Instagram: @dr.giulio


Instagram: @kombuchop

Francesco Giordano

Instagram: @f__giordano

Ben Joseph Guevarra

Instagram: @benjosephguevarra


Instagram: @davicapp

Giovanni Boschini

Instagram: @giovanni_boschini

Alessandro Tamburrino Di Marco

Instagram: @mr.tamburrino

Stefano Mazzoli

Instagram: @s.t.e_f.a_n.o

Matteo Olivi

Instagram: @mattteo_olivi

Davide Fortin

Instagram: @davidefortin

Christian Albawab Mottola

Instagram: @ch.ri.sti.a.n

Instagram: @thekyr

Tommaso Freno

Instagram: @tommy88f

Vincenzo Di Prisco

Instagram: @vincenzo.diprisco

Marco Da Roit

Instagram: @marco_da_roit