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This psychological horror film is set in the world of webcam pornography, starring Madeline Brewer as an erotic cam girl who finds her popular channel hijacked by a look-alike. We don't know what's better: the fact that Cam doesn't glamorize, glorify, or romanticize sex workers, or the fact that it doesn't rely on cheap scare tactics.

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15 Horror Movies Without Jump Scares on Netflix, Because Popcorn Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

It's rare to find a scary movie that isn't jam-packed with jump scares. Some of the best horror movies (we're looking at you, It and A Quiet Place) will keep you in a constant state of anxiety, waiting for the next unexpected noise or surprise arrival. There's even a website dedicated to jump-scare counts, so if you'd rather not have your heart in your throat for two hours straight, you're not alone. Check out the gallery for terrifying horror movies without jump scares streaming on Netflix, because a movie can still be scary without making you toss your popcorn bowl.


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