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Gilmore Girls, "Women of Questionable Morals"

Lorelai Gilmore is known for saying that everything's magical when it snows. While Gilmore Girls usually exudes wonder and wholesomeness, this episode is full of drama, most notably between Emily and Richard as well as Rory and Christopher. In the end, however, Lorelai receives a lovely Winter gift from Luke that will warm even the Grinchiest of hearts.

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15 of the Greatest Holiday TV Episodes That Netflix Has to Offer

If you're not in the mood to crawl into a movie theater and watch the latest holiday hit this year, you always have Netflix and chill - or, in the case of Christmas, Netflix and cozy up under a blanket with a cuppa eggnog in your hand. The streaming site has a fairly decent collection of Christmas movies to watch while you munch on some gingerbread cookies, but if you're looking for more genre variety, look to its TV series.

Anyone who's grown tired of the cheesy, feel-good holiday films will surely appreciate The Twilight Zone's twisty department store Santa or Supernatural's creepy demon anti-Santa. Even if you're looking for more wholesome shows, you'll find magical and well-produced holiday specials from Gilmore Girls and Parks and Recreation. Read on to see the very best Yuletide-inspired episodes that you can stream right on Netflix!


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