18 Of The Best Fitness Apps To Kick-Start Your At-Home Workout Regime

Jennifer George
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Photo credit: Jomkwan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Jomkwan - Getty Images


We all love going to the gym.

Ok that's a bare faced lie, but some of us do, and many of us begrudgingly admit that it's quite useful, at best. However, when the gym (or swimming pool, or leisure centre, or dance class) isn't available to us, it's time to push back the sofa, dust off the yoga mat and try some at-home workout apps.

Whether you're fully stocked with weights and bands, or think a downward dog sounds more like a dodgy cocktail, there's at at-home fitness app for every level, interest and time limit. We've rounded up our favourites...

Best At-Home Workout Apps: Yoga and Pilates

Heartcore Pilates - Free to download, some streamed videos included

These London-based studios are possibly the best for reformer pilates that we've tried, so they're a good go-to for those who are missing the body-shaping-but-shake-inducing machines. The app doesn't host live classes as yet, but - alongside being a handy place to book your classes - has a host of great saved videos, from 15 minute morning stretches to longer core-quaking sessions.

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Pocket Yoga - £2.99 to download, all classes included

This app isn't going to turn you into a yogi master, but it is excellent for beginners, or those wanting to top up their practice at home. A pose dictionary will help will you studies, and the sessions include alignment tips and explanations so you're not going into it too blind. If you've always been too shy to attend a class, learning the basics via this app is a great way to build confidence.

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Daily Yoga - monthly subscription from £7.66

Even if you think a 'child pose' is something Beyoncé and the girls invented, we promise you'll be able to get to grips with this yoga based app. You can choose from a daily 'flow', a goal (to do a headstand, for example) or full classes.

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FLY LDN - Seven day free trial, monthly subscription from £9.99

Missing your candlelit flow or their mindblowingly relaxing wall projection of crashing waves? Luckily FLY LDN have brought their signature yoga digital, along with barre, pilates and low impact classes all under the same subscription.

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Best At-Home Workout Apps: Pre and Post Natal

Body By Simone/Baby By Simone - Free trial available, monthly subscription from £17.49

The woman behind some of Hollywood's most honed and toned bodies created this app so we can get a taste of it at home, and - since recently having a baby herself - has some excellent pre-and-post-natal-safe content on there for mums and mums-to-be. The workouts are intense but Simone's perky demeanour will get you through.

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Jennis by Jessica Ennis-Hill - Free content available, extra content from £9.99 per month

Created by the superstar athlete (and dame nonetheless), there are workouts for all, but it's the trimester-specific pregnancy and postnatal programmes that are particularly good. It's based on the programme she followed, so expect to be in Olympic-medal ready once you're done. Or in decent shape, at least.

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Baby2Body - Seven day free trial, monthly subscription from £6.49

This app looks after every 'well-being' aspect of your pregnancy, from mental health to 'feeling sexy' (apparently). But it's the fitness section that makes it popular, with daily exercises, including those that focus on your pelvic floor and your breathing.

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Best At-Home Workout Apps: Barre and Dance

Pure Barre On Demand - monthly subscription £27.49

If you prefer a plié over a pull up, this is the app for you. There's over 140 workouts (with more added weekly) from five minute express classes to 60 minute full body workouts. No actual barre? No problem: they'll suggest easy-to-find alternatives like a chair or door frame.

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Barre Workouts by Down Dog - currently free of charge

This app offers a new workout every day, so you never have to do the same routine twice. You can 'boost' your workout by body part if you like, and even choose your style of music. Great for those who get bored easily.

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Best At-Home Workout Apps: HIIT and cardio

Sweat It - First month free, monthly subscription from £7.99

One of London's best kept secrets, Sweat It is one of the best high intensity workouts you'll ever get – from their full body hip hop workout to new guided running series, helping you turn that steady jog into more impactful interval training. Variation is key. Prepare to have your body and mind uplifted by the friendliest team.

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Centr - Six week free trial, monthly subscription from £12.49

Chris Hemsworth runs this app, need we say more? Ok, it's mostly HIIT focused but with little or no gym equipment needed, and you'll see Chris Hemsworth working out. Also, a team of experts offer nutrition and mindfulness advice, including Chris actual Hemsworth. And currently, whilst we can't access gyms, Centr are offering a six week trial for free, an initiative actioned by Chris. What a guy.

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FiiT - 14 day free trial, monthly subscription from £19.99

Created with the goal of allowing anyone and everyone access to the 'best trainers in the world' teaching virtual classes, the idea is you can follow your person or plan depending on what your goal or interest is. From power yoga or power lifting, there's something for everyone.

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Sweat: Kayla Itsines Fitness - Seven day free trial, monthly subscription from £9.99

One of the original influencer/trainers to start monetising via apps, you've probably had an ad for Kayla's workouts pop-up on your feed. And you possibly found it annoying. BUT if you clicked through, you'd find actually an endless library - 750 and counting - of easy to navigate, sometimes hard to complete (the sweat is REAL) videos. If fat-loss is your goal, it's one to look at.

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F45 - Weekly subscription from £20

Burning up to 750 calories per 45-minute session, F45 is a total fat blaster. Split into cardio, resistance and hybrid classes throughout the week the variation will make sure there’s never a dull moment. Join their 45-Days Challenge which also allows access to your local studio (price varies depending on which one) and Challenge meal plans with over 1,000 recipes.

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Best At-Home Workout Apps: No Equipment Required

Peloton - Free trial available, £12.99 per month after

No, we haven't lost our minds and are aware that a (really expensive) piece of equipment is usually associated with Peloton. BUT the app is just as brilliant even if you're bike-less. There are guided programs (from strength and conditioning to meditation and yoga) and challenges where you can follow other members results, if you're the competitive type. If you do want to get outside, the running training programs are brilliant too.

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Freeletics Personal Trainer - £32.99 for three months

With AI (artificial intelligence) coaches and customised training plans, this is like having a PT in your pocket. Without having to turn up online. Or worry about what your pits smell like. Or having someone tell you off if you aren't quite doing a full burpee. Jokes aside, the plans are about as detailed and motivating as they come.

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Nike Training Club - Free content available, extra content from £13.49 per month

Whether you have 15 or 45 minutes, a full at-home gym or just an old towel on the floor, 18 gym memberships or no idea what a 'rep' is, there will be something on this app you can do. Not sold? How about getting to 'train' with Ronaldo, Serena Williams or - for the lols - Kevin Hart? We thought so.

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Seven: 7 Minute Workout - Workout bundles from £9.99

When time is short or you're just feeling plain lazy, this is the app for you. Although just seven minutes long, each workout promises to target muscles or concerns in an efficient and effective way. Most with just your body weight. Think you won't be a sweaty mess in under ten minutes? Think again.

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Best At-Home Workout Apps: Weights and Bands

The Gymshark Training App - Free (including all content)

The UK based fitness-wear success story may focus heavily on kitting out those who already contoured shoulders and snatched waists, but for those who are aiming for that, the app is a great tool. It includes a huge 'exercise library' including options to focus on a particular body part, programs for all levels (including actual athletes) and useful step-by-step 'how to' guides on lifting without injury.

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P.Volve - Free trial available, monthly subscription from £19.49

With over 200 workouts available for all levels, the method is inspired by physical therapy so it's safety first (essential when there's no PT to correct you). There's lots of equipment available to support your workout, but just the P.ball (looks like a torture device and kinda is) should see you through.

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TRX App - Programmes from £1.99, monthly subscription £4.49

You've probably seen people using these bright yellow things in the gym and wondered what they are. Well, now is your chance to try for yourself. Yes you have to invest in a TRX systems to make this app worthwhile (the strap system starts from £79.95) BUT once you have it, the possibilities are almost endless for upper body, lower body, core and even cardio.

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