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Leather Jacket

Balance out a long leather trench with a neutral pantsuit underneath, and allow your shoes to provide a pop of color.

14 of Our Favorite Ways to Wear a Leather Outfit

Everyone has their own method for incorporating leather into a look, and we're just here to help you pick a favorite. We did the research and uncovered your most searched queries - you want to know how to wear leather pants, leather jeans, and leather trousers - and yes, these are all very different articles of clothing. (What, you think we don't like to have options!?)

Based on some effortlessly styled outfits we spotted on the streets, we're breaking down the basics and offering up advice for working leather into your outfit any way you choose. In fact, there are enough ideas here to keep you busy for two full weeks straight, playing around with all the different leather-effect pieces in your wardrobe. Of course, we do recommend shopping for vegan or faux styles, in an effort to feel good about your purchases and also go easy on your wallet.

Even if you're not excited to wear leather from head-to-toe, and you prefer just a touch, there are plenty of ways to do that. You can revolve your entire ensemble around a tiny pouch or a luxe, oversize bag. Scroll down for some of our go-to styling solutions and shop some essentials to help you pull them off.


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