13 ways to see off dry January... if you were stupid enough to do it

 (Alamy Stock Photo)
(Alamy Stock Photo)

1. Ease into proceedings with a One Sip Martini at Tayer + Elementary.

2. …or don’t with a Duke’s Martini in the sumptuous surroundings of Velvet in The Corinthia, where the classic’s creator, Salvatore Calabrese, can sometimes be found shaking them up himself.

3. A Guinness at The Coach and Horses is always a good idea, obviously.

4. Opt for a breakfast of champions: the hefty Bloody Caesar at Chet’s, concocted with smoked vodka, mezcal, dry sherry, clamato, pickled chilli, lemon, celery and a ‘Chet’s Mix’ rim of Thai chilli and salt.

5. Venture to Cadet on Newington Green for a glass of, well… just about anything au naturel. Though eccentric winemaker Christophe Lindenlaub’s yellow Tu Bois Que La? is a particularly delicious pet nat.

6. Chilled to the bone? Warm your cockles on the move with a throat-tingling cup of Tacos Padre’s hot Tequila Punch, in which the agave spirit sings with triple sec, guava, citrus juices and warming spices.

7. Hop aboard Bruno’s, a floating bar serving heady glasses of the only appealing Monkey Gland on Earth, starring gin, orange, grenadine and devilish absinthe.

8. Act like you’re at least trying to continue your journey to enlightenment with a chic, informative whisky tasting at Alba, the secret hideout at cocktail bar Silverleaf.

9. Let your luscious locks down at The Lower Third, where the live music sounds better with a Boilermaker (half a pint paired with a generous 35ml shot) of Stiegl Grapefruit Radler and Ojo De Dios mezcal.

10. Not you when you’re thirsty? Rectify that with the smooth, buttery Snickers Old Fashioned with peanut butter, Jack Daniel’s, cacao nibs and salted chocolate liqueur at Crouch End’s Little Mercies.

11. Make a bee-line for Seed Library, where Mr Lyan has teamed up with Ruben’s Reubens to serve salt beef brisket spring rolls washed down with Meyer 75, made with gin, Meyer lemon, orange bitters and champagne.

12. Off to see the ’rents in nowheresville? Sling back The Morning Routine at Rails before you hop on the train — a sharp, sweet, heady mix of Grey Goose, Grand Marnier and Pampelle liqueur, which is sure to take the edge off.

13. Celebrate your freedom and cassoulet season at St John with the supremely drinkable Chateau Revelette’s light, ever so slightly spiced Pur Carignan red from 2020.