13 Trendy Press-On Nails We Need From Amazon For a Hassle-Free Instant Mani

Whether we go to the salons or do it ourselves, giving ourselves a manicure is a form of pampering we can all appreciate. However, we can live without trying to paint our non-dominant hand, waiting for our nails to dry, and inevitably messing up the mani not even 48 hours after application. Plus, constantly going to the nail salon can get costly and time-consuming. Luckily, press-on nails are growing in popularity and quality. It's a great option to give yourself a mess-free, hassle-free mani in mere minutes. Press-on nails come in the most trend-driven styles and a variety of nail shapes and sizes, all while being reusable and cost-effective. From ultra-chic designs and nail art to staple must-haves, we rounded up the best press-on nails on Amazon . Keep reading to shop our top picks!

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