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Where Happens to Tony Padilla on 13 Reasons Why?

Tony spends the fourth season honing his boxing skills, which catch the attention of a school recruiter from Nevada. Tony insists he doesn't want to go to school because he has obligations at home, namely his garage. Caleb does everything he can to convince him to go to school, including calling Tony's dad and helping take over the garage. In the end, Tony decides to go to college in Nevada on a boxing scholarship.

13 Reasons Why: Here's Where the Emotional Series Finale Leaves Everyone

The fourth season of 13 Reasons Why is a huge departure from where the show started back in season one. No longer following the book by the same name, the fourth season delves deeper into mental health issues, drug use, and police brutality. Needless to say, it's a heavy season that brings the whole series to a close. While some characters get their happy endings after a tumultuous high school career, others aren't so fortunate. Find out where each of the main Liberty High students ends up as the Netflix series comes to an emotional close in the gallery ahead.


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