13 Of The Worst Sunburn Cases That Will Make You Think Twice About Ditching The Sun Block

It’s Sun Awareness Week for a reason, people.

It might be overcast here in the UK but we can’t be the only ones to have already planned our summer holiday abroad to get some much-needed sun.

But while the sunny weather might be good for giving us a tan and topping up our vitamin D, the wrong protection can of course result in sun burn – a sign that the skin has been severely damaged by the sun’s powerful rays.

We rounded up the WORST sunburn pictures on the internet to remind you to slap on your sunscreen – it is Sun Awareness Week, after all.

FYI: the British Association of Dermatologists recommend wearing at least SPF30 with a high UVA star rating if you’re spending a long time in the sun.

1. Would you REALLY want that practically TATTOOED on your chest?!

2. This girl wrote that she 'may be just a little red' followed by a tweet ‘aloe vera is my best friend’. Yes, yes it is.

3. 'Curse my translucent skin! At least it doesn't hurt... #palegirlproblems' - if you have translucent skin, why not wear sun block?!

4. After posting this picture on Twitter, the user wrote: ‘I need to go tanning!!’


5. Should've remembered the SPF30, kid.

6. Apparenty he's 'getting in the Christmas spirit' by looking like a candy cane. It's not a good look!

7. If you need evidence to wear sun cream, this is it.

8. At least he covered his nipples?


9. ... because obviously the first thing you'd do after sunbathing is text your friends.

10. Look what happens when you wear crocs, people!

11. It's kind of insane how pale he was before. He should have KNOWN to cover up!

12. This lady clearly spent too much time on the running track and not enough time in the shade.



To find out how to tan safely, please visit the British Association of Dermatologists website.

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