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Fruitcake Recipes That'll Make You Rethink Everything About the Christmas Dessert

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a fruitcake recipe is something already prepared from the store, you're about to be wowed by these Christmas cakes. You'll never even think about buying a boxed cake again once you bake a homemade version of one of these classic holiday desserts. (And your grandma will be so proud of you!) Although fruitcake can be a divisive Christmas dessert due to the use of candied fruit, we promise that once you bake one of these best fruitcake recipes, you'll instantly be turned into a fruitcake fan. There are many different varieties of fruitcake on this list, whether you want something classic or a more modern version.

The traditionalists out there will enjoy the old English fruitcake, brandied fruitcake, and citrus fruitcake to go with your Christmas dinner. If you want try a new, delicious fruitcake recipe, we recommend a batch of the fruitcake holiday cookies, fruitcake homemade cheesecake, and even an eggnog recipe that infuses fruitcake challah with the sweet beverage. And if you thought this dessert was just for the adults, think again. Even the kids will enjoy some of these cakes, especially in the form of some Christmas candy recipes like the fruitcake fudge, alcohol-free fruitcake, and chocolate fruitcake.