13 Classic Bags You'll Have For Years to Come, All Under $100

When it comes to our bags, we want pieces that will last, and always look good. That's why we love classic silhouettes; no matter what, our bag will work with our outfit. It's practically science. But, as much as we love elegant bags, we're looking for affordable options that will still leave us swooning. These 13 picks are all under $100, but you'd never know that from just looking at them. They all look like they should be at least triple the price, and will go with so many different items you likely already have in your closet. So basically, let's get shopping.

From classic totes to great work bags and picks you'd want to go out in, there's nothing not to like about these bags. They're both adorable and affordable, so we might just need to pick up a few. To get specific, there's a black crossbody we love that's only $20, a monogrammable canvas tote, and a straw bag that's perfect for days at the beach. Plus, there's a pearl evening bag that will go beautifully with your black tie evening looks. Keep on reading to shop our selects.

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